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Employment Opportunities Available at McNabb Construction Ltd.

We’re Always Looking to Expand

McNabb Construction Ltd. is always looking for more people to join our ever-expanding company in Alberta. We offer competitive benefits packages and salaries for qualified individuals. Past job openings have included Class I truck drivers, tower operators, front-end loader operators and stockpile truck drivers. Check back on our website often for updates about what positions we currently have available.


Responsibilities of Each Member

From our management team to our labourers, each member of McNabb Construction Ltd. has an important set of responsibilities to ensure a safe work environment:



  • Establish & maintain a safety policy

  • Correct unsafe conditions

  • Provide a safe workplace

  • Provide first aid

  • Report injuries to Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB)

  • Investigate all accidents

  • Completion of regular inspections

  • Ensure availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Provide proper training for workers

  • Ensure compliance with regulations

  • Set policy

  • Set a good example



  • Promote safety awareness

  • Enforce safety rules

  • Establish safe work procedures

  • Inspect for hazards

  • Instruct workers

  • Investigate all accidents

  • Correct unsafe practices

  • Ensure proper maintenance

  • Watch for unsafe conditions

  • Comply with regulations

  • Correct unsafe conditions

  • Set a good example



  • Use safe work procedures

  • Report injuries

  • Report unsafe conditions

  • Suggest possible improvements

  • Correct unsafe conditions

  • Comply with rules & regulations

  • Report unsafe acts

  • Set a good example


Contact Us with Any Questions

Should you wish to apply for an employment opportunity with McNabb Construction Ltd., please feel free to contact us via phone at 780-582-3581, via fax at 780-582-2478 or via email at

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