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Learn More about McNabb Construction Ltd.’s History

Proudly Serving Alberta since the Early 1950s

Robert and Gordon McNabb founded McNabb Construction Ltd. in the early 1950s with a couple of trucks and a bulldozer. Over the next number of years, our company worked jobs in the oilfield industry. In 1971, Robert and Gordon purchased a one-piece gravel crushing spread, with a vision to supply quality manufactured road and asphalt gravel to the oilfield industry. In 1979, Gordon sold his shares of our company to Robert’s son, Brian. However, Gordon continued to be an extremely valuable asset to our growing company. He operated one of our gravel crushers up until his passing in 2004.


A Growing Company: Expansions in the 1980s

Our company expanded with the purchase of our first multi-piece crushing spread in the early 1980s, and we added another in the late 1980s. Over this time, our company also purchased several pieces of heavy equipment, including bulldozers, gravel trucks, track hoes, front-end loaders and a scraper. This allowed McNabb Construction Ltd. to continuously provide quality products to a variety of clients, including commercial and residential customers across Alberta.


Meeting the Demand for Quality Aggregates

After Robert’s passing in 2007, Brian obtained full shares of McNabb Construction Ltd. and now operates the business with his wife, Tami, and their four sons. McNabb Construction Ltd. recently added a third crushing spread, a wash plant, two rock trucks, a loader backhoe, another scraper, a bobcat and a geotechnical drilling rig to continue to meet the steady demand for quality aggregates and environmental services in Western Canada. The continuous growth of our company has included road building, reclamation and environmental work, as well as equipment and operator rentals.


A Strong Commitment to Safety & Community

Today, our company maintains a strong commitment to safety and community involvement because we understand our continuing responsibility to be a good corporate citizen. We look forward to serving Alberta for many more years to come!

Stewards of Good Will

Safeguarding the environment is important to us

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